How are the services of your village?

Where to find daycare? Who can help me clean up my house? Where to find a warm lunch? Did the village shop close its doors? We don't see each other anymore. Is it even worth it, living in a village?

Don't despair - there are possibilities in a village!

The Eskola village in Kannus, Finland, has started to organise its own village services, by its own, and the experiences have been very positive.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Supporting family living in villages
  • Helping the elderly to live in their own homes for a longer time
  • Creating a new, social meeting spot
  • Improving the viability of the village

How did we achieve this? - We are happy to tell you!

We provide lectures of developing and organising village services, based on our own experiences. You are welcome to Eskola, in our multi-service centre Eskola House, to see us in action. All the lecture fees are used to develop our services. There is also a possibility to combine a lunch in our restaurant or other catering services with the lecture. We are also happy to help you with finding accommodations and other services here in Eskola region. Eskola Village Service Ltd. is a company owned by 130 different villagers and supporters, and it is a social company, in the sense that all the profit is used for the development of the services.

Prices and details: Eskola Village Service

tel. (also in English) +358 44 947 9102 or email palvelevayhteiso(at)