Kindergarten Tenavatalli


Kindergarten Tenavatalli has newly renovated facilities at Eskola House. In our work, we emphasise sustainability, nature and active lifestyle. 

Tenavatalli started as a small group daycare in 2013, now we have had facilities for 35 children. The children can interact with both children of their own age and in mixed groups.

This service is produced by Eskola Village Service Ltd., our very own village company, owned by the villagers themselves.

We provide

  • A tailored contract with each family, according to their needs
  • Newly renovated child-friendly facilities
  • Nature-oriented education with a community spirit
    • Green Care
  • A basis in healthy life choices
    • A variety of outdoor facilities nearby
    • An own indoor gym hall
    • Food prepared in our own kitchen, of local produce
  • An educated staff
    • Competent professionals in early childhood education
    • Also strong knowhow in physical education
  • A warm-hearted and secure daycare

How to apply

You can apply to daycare in following ways
  • Making a contract with the town of Kannus
  • With a service voucher of your own town (not used in Kannus)
  • Private day care allowance of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland
  • Making a direct contract with Eskola Village Services Ltd.


Need for a short-term daycare?

It is also possible to buy short-term daycare. The hourly price is fixed and depends on the lenght of the contract.


Ask about our contracts:

Eskolan Kyläpalvelu Oy

Tenavatalli Kindergarten staff:

+358 45 1742 570

(When using english language, please contact us by email or to our office number, +358 44 9479102.)

You can also contact us via email: tenavatalli(at)

Tenavatalli logo

The artwork in our logo is designed by Susanna Harle. You can find the same picture in a mural at our daycare.