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Eskola is an active industrial village in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland. The nearest towns are Kannus, Toholampi and Sievi. Ylivieska is about 30 minutes car ride away and Kokkola about 40 minutes away from Eskola.

The main developers of Eskola are the 400 villagers, who have founded Eskola Village society to represent them. Eskola Village society is the admin of this internet site and we wish to welcome you to a tour of our village.

Eskola motto is "Elävästi eteenpäin", which freely translated means "Livingly onwards." One could also describe Eskola with the words "A village with character".



Eskolan Kyläpalvelu Oy (Eskola Village Service Ltd) is a social enterprise owned by over 130 villagers and other supporters. It produces many of the local services needed in the village.