Eskola is the first two-time Village of the Year in Finland!


As a first village in Finland Eskola has been chosen for a second time as the national Village of the Year! The previous recognition came in 2001 and for the second time it was received in the Rural Parliament in Leppävirta 2. of September 2017.

A warm thanks to the Finnish Village Action Movement for this recognition, we thank also the county village society Keskipohjalaiset Kylät ry for making this award possible, with the title of the Village of the County. This award belongs to all the villagers. "They are just so good", was one of the statements made by the judges.

The three main reasons for the award were Eskola Village Services Ltd, the village society's theatre and the work of parents' society HanhiKukko for the benefit of the school in Eskola. Also the active utilization of EU projects was seen as a plus. Let's keep up the good work!

YLE:n juttu Eskolasta

Keskipohjanmaa -lehden juttu Eskolasta

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